Footprints in the sand

And no pictures. Melissa and I have gotten into a bad habit of leaving the camera at home when we head out on regular day trips. This Friday was a family trip to Mote …
… however, Mote was packed. A good thing for them, but not a fight we wanted on our relaxing day off. So we looked for somewhere else to kill our day – while enjoying the sunshine and pleasant weather. The night before was our engineering department “night out” which took place on a harbour boat cruise here in Sarasota. During the tour of Sarasota bay (and all the nice houses that we could never afford) we also saw a park out on the keys … ahh … the perfect exploration trip.
And there it was, south Lido key (actually, we found a park – who knows if it is the same one). So we wandered the beach and looked at the different boats along the shore. Then we turned in-land and walked a nature trail back to the parking lot. Joe was kind enough to point out the 2nd and 3rd markers to ensure we were on the right path — first steps in spelling/reading … finding the numbers and letters. (He said “three” and found the number “two” on the sign for us).
After that we headed for our favorite ice cream shop and discovered something new … Settimi’s is now also a pizza parlour … and once again impressing. The pizza was some of the best I have ever had. Large slices, prices are not bad, and just mouth watering. Turned out to be a perfect day with the family … too bad we skipped the photos. Maybe next time.
(Funny side note, our neighbours are good friends with the owners of Settimi’s, so we had a rumor that pizza was going to be showing up soon)

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