As the months roll by…

My new favorite toy … thanks Grandpa
We are now into the final trimester of Kid 2.0, the upgrade everyone is looking forward to. Things are coming along very well and we are very excited to have yet another addition to our family.
There was also a surprise this week, we were told that a “package” was delivered to our old address … a “package”? Well, turns out it was a Christmas present that was accidently mislabeled, FedEx just passed it along to the address they had on file … thanks guys. Joe of course was very excited to find a present waiting for him in the morning … and even more excited to find a ‘Super Transporter’ inside. He immediately loaded the cars and has not wanted to put it down since. (We could probably just put away all his other toys).

I also wanted to share something I heard in a phone message at work. Melissa was sure to capture it on video so you could all hear. Our little boy … growing up.

2 thoughts on “As the months roll by…

  1. Yay Joe! just think by the time i get there in August you will be able to say “Auntie Kari” wether you know who that is or not is a different story. I look forward to seeing more videos:)
    Love you all!