Picture stolen from the HPSN Insider, hope they don’t mind 🙂
Well, it has been a long road but milestone #1 has been cleared. After a relaxing weekend with Joe and Melissa … and, of course, Krishen it was back to the mines today. Switching gears was a bit rough as I sorted through our logs, notes, and plans … after five days out of the office doing demos there is a lot of information to capture.
The conference went exceptionally well from my perspective … the crowd was buzzing with our new offerings – as was our staff. The demo room, where I hung my hat, was packed most of the time as we ran non-stop demo sessions for almost the entire 5 day show. For me it was a chance to step out from behind the curtain and interact with the customers, and I can’t help but to take their ideas and insights back to the code.
Even with the conference in full swing, I managed to step out to two hockey games, one with Melissa and Joe on Friday, and one with the gang from STARS mid-week. It was great to hang with the guys from home – and there were plenty from throughout BC and Alberta. As well as from Saskatewan, Ontario, and many other locations throughout Canada. Combined with folks from all around the world and you have quite the party.
Anyways … work is expected to continue to push forward as we tie on the final bells and whistles. Milestone #2 is on the doorstep.

At home, we have put the finishing touches on my office as our desk came in. Looks nice … thanks M! Otherwise, my weekend off consisted of sleeping, watching movies, playing with Joe and chasing a spinning disc through the air … which my legs are now telling me was something I have not done for a while.

One thought on “Milestones

  1. Congratulations Cam! I would have loved to have attended your conference and watched all the demos from your hard work!I am sure it was all spectacular!Way to go!
    Mom (bev)