Time together has been much needed, so we made sure to spend it cuddled up on our couch enjoying some fruit, chocolate, and good company. Much deserved, much needed, much appreciated.

So, about that couch … well it came with a new room. Turns out that while I have been working hard at the office Melissa has been painting and cleaning up our “spare” room. We have a good 6 months (she insists another year) of time before I lose it, so in the mean time – we have added a new couch/day bed and have a new desk on the way. The room is soooo cozy and peaceful … she really did a wonderful job. Working as a office/tv room combo we enjoyed a movie on the laptop … guess we either need a bigger TV or a bigger computer monitor …. hmmm 🙂 My birthday is coming up if anyone is curious about what to get me … either / both would be fine 😉
Hope everyone else enjoyed the 14th as well.

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