Who says a penny isn’t worth anything?

Four cents cost us $11 in service charges, and 3 days shy of $50 in late charges on our first mortgage payment. CTX was kind enough to return one with a priority class stamp after they refused to accept the $0.04 insufficient postage charge.
I know, business is business … and pennies do add up. But dang, didn’t even realize that postage had gone up since the last time I bought at book of stamps.

5 thoughts on “Who says a penny isn’t worth anything?

  1. Three words for you new home owners: On-line Bill Payments!
    Set it up to automatically pay it on the first of every month, and forget about it till next year when they change the escrow payments.

  2. Another lesson learned from my big bro’s mistake…man I like being the baby:)… I mean man thats no fun paying more then you really owe.
    So wheres our count down?
    Luv you all XOXOXOXO