Self Discipline

Take Joe … a boy doing what little boys do; playing. Take Melissa, mother of Joe and relaxing in the middle of the day. Take Joe’s hammer … in Joe’s hand …
* TAP * – * TAP * on mom’s leg
“Owe!, Joe that hurts”, Joe sits back looks at her, grits his teeth and
* WACK * – * WACK * once more on mom’s leg
“Owe!, Joe that hurts … do you need a time-out?”
Joe sits back and gazes at her, “Yes” comes the reply as he turns and slowly strolls to his “time-out” corner. He sits down and calmly accepts his self-accessed punishment.
Leaving Melissa to wonder, trying to hold back laughter while she lets out a very proud smile, what? … is this real? … what have we done? … will it continue? … and … can we do it again?

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