Blanc no longer

The walls may have been symbolistic, but we needed a change … and Joe was more than happy to oblige. Truth be told, we ended up doing it mostly at night while he was in bed since the ground we were covering occupies our main living space — and mixing a toddler and paint can get … ahh … “exciting”. Though it could be worse, eh Amanda?

Bringing the vineyard home
We started in the kitchen/family room with a touch of the wine country. The green really looks sharp against our cabinets and you get an instant calming feel. It is also our brightest room with all the natural light of the afternoon sun, so a deeper color helps counter act some of that.

Adding a little spice to our life
The living room got a splash of color … Autumn Gourd to be exact. Initial impressions had us scared as it was brighter than we were expecting (thinking more brownish than goldish). However, it is starting to look better and with a second coat, furniture arrangement, and an accent wall it we are expecting great things.

Our goal was to be done before work started again, however, it was not to be. Taping and cutting take a lot of time, second coats are required, and our “working” hours went into the early hours of the morning – which made things fun. Big thank-you goes out to Kari for our christmas gift of Tim’s and Dad who gave us several tips before heading home – they saved our butts, honest. We expect to finish off this latest project soon … which means pictures, organization, and a sense that we have finally “moved in”.

4 thoughts on “Blanc no longer

  1. looks great you two – strangely familiar – kinda like my home office/library!!
    In any case though, the colour is happy and refreshing, and on a dark Canadian December night,it has a warm glow to it. When I chose the colour, it was a late Setember/early October day, and the yellow poplar trees were visible through the office/library window – it was such a spectacular colour, that I decided right then and there that I HAD to have that colour in my own house….autumn colours through out the year.