Its been good

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This past year had its shares of ups and downs. We saw Joe move from being our little baby to toddler — seemingly overnight, though months in the making. He moved from a crib to a bed, from our room to his room. And we too grew up a little, moving from our apartment to a home which we will “move into” slowly over 2007. However, work was probably its most stressful since moving down here ending the year in complete exhaustion. The year also remembers Grandpa Hemphill as he passed away just before the holiday season.
This next year I look to continue our growth as a family. Joe will undoubtedly start chatting up a storm, go for his first ice skating experience, and I look forward to our first bike ride. Melissa is looking forward to completely moving into our house including a full paint job while I look forward to getting pictures on the walls. Simple goals right. With the move we are also going to rework our budget and get ourselves back on track – this last year was fun and now it is time refocus and plan for the future.
At work, I hope to bring a couple solid projects to completion and work on better managing my time and energy. I would like to regain control of my non-work time to spend both helping out Melissa at home and enjoying quality times with Joe. Daddy day is coming back … right after March 😉 I also look to bring “Little Joe” to market with an enhanced version 2.0 of the Screen Saver Menu.
And always remember, even though it may be raining in your life … it does not mean you can’t have fun!

4 thoughts on “Its been good

  1. Nice house but I think you should have a garage sale . Happy new year to you and a i hope the new year brings lots of happiness and joy!