We had a fantastic christmas morning as I hope you all did too. This year the tree was packed, more this year than I every remember it. Joe truly made out like a bandit, think the Grandma and Grandpas got a little crazy – though he was not complaining. His aunts and uncles chipped in their fair chunk too, not to mention everyone else (yes … including mom and dad).

Jeep from Uncle Kurt, Uncle Brendan, and Aunt Kari

Desk from Grandma Bev – “Do I have to do my homework now?”
Gift opening was interrupted by a visit from our local water park – rain clouds, we had winds kicking in gusts of rain through our screen … and Joe hauled Uncle Kurt out to enjoy the thrills.

Soaked to the bone we got changed, dried our carpets/blinds/etc from open windows, and returned to the presents.

Pull here and … poof … toys!

Grandpa walked off with a tool case

Grandma got some music

Kurt snagged an iDog … which Joe took a liking too
All-in-all, we all snagged plenty of sweet loot … too much to list here, but a big thank-you goes out to everyone. I am sure it will all get well used. That evening we all sat down as a family to enjoy our first family christmas dinner hosted by Melissa and I … turned out fantastic. And now I will be enjoying turkey for weeks to come … so bellies full, toys put away, we look to packing for G&Gs trip home. What a holiday … you really made this christmas one to remember. We are sorry you have to go.

Now, out to cruise for chicks

2 thoughts on “Christmaspalooza

  1. I wish I got one of those sweet Cars, I Also wish I was there to See the fun. Merry Christmas to all( I hope!

  2. What a good haul Jo!! Santa was good to you buddy. Just so you know your present is wrapped and under my tree, I promise I will get it out to you asap!! Well before you outgrow it anyway. Bad Auntie Theresa…bad.
    Hugs and Kisses to everyone!