1916 – 2006
We will miss you.
These are times when you reflect on your family, your loved ones, your treasured memories. Those memories of musty basements, grazing fields, and ski slopes. The times together which now never seem to have been enough, but will be held in our stories for generations to come.
We travel home tomorrow to say good-bye, but you are not really gone are you. We love you.

3 thoughts on “Generations

  1. It was so very special to see you three for the funeral…it helps to have small children around to ease the seriousness of a sad (but glad) time in a person’s life. Dave and I were so blessed to see you both…. Joe running around and enjoying his family was the icing on the cake!!
    Thanks for making the efforts to come up for the funeral. And next time, we’ll visit for happier reasons…
    Love you all three,
    Dave and Brenda