Moving in

So, it is now official. We are at our new place. Thanks to our crew of helpers – Ron, Kai, Louis, Tory, Christopher, Shannon, Darren and of course Krishen – we managed to successfully pack the 17′ truck and several cars full of goods and ship it the 7 miles to our new pad. Funny, Melissa thought the truck was going to pack it all with room to spare – oh well, guess we store things well.
The move went really well, packed up easy and unpacked easier. It wasn’t until after we ate and we went to take the truck back that our problems began. Apparently the alternator was dead – and we no longer had the juice to start the engine. Six hours of trying to get support from U-Haul they finally sent out a tow … who came 45+ miles from St. Pete, was given the wrong information on the truck size and thus could only attempt to jump it — which failed.

Another mechanic showed up and tried again in the morning – this time successfully – and were able to return it to the office. The people at the office were friendly and helpful … but there roadside assistance folks were crap!. First they told us that the truck must be out of gas – thus any service would be on our bill. Ahh -NO – we drove the truck 16 miles, it better be able to go farther than that on 1/4 of a tank. But … it was all our fault … and they would hear nothing different. GAH! Whatever … we had moved … it was just an annoyance at this point.

Now that we are in – and the unpacking and hookups begin, not to mention the cleaning of the old place. It is a fun process that sucks hours of time that could be better spent relaxing. We, however, did get a chance to take a little break and tour the area a little more.

Are you sure it goes that way day?

Weeee … when can I get one of these?

The fun and adventure is just beginning …

One thought on “Moving in

  1. Did they charge you for service? Check with the better business bureau or mention that you could write of your experience in a letter to the editor which could adversely affect their business. U-haul is famous for poorly operating vehicles and poor servicing of their trucks. Glad you are in and time will get you settled. I’m so excited to see the place. Looks fab in the pics.