We now have the keys to our new life. The whole process was relatively smooth and simple compared to a lot of horror stories that we have heard over the years – but I guess we had gotten it in our heads a while ago and were just waiting “for the right time”.

So, our shoes are at the door and we have begun the process of moving in. Comcast should be here today to hook up the cable/internet/phone – though it will be a week before the phone comes through (enter the VoIP age). Verizon should be here to transfer the new phone number – which is likely to disappear shortly. We don’t yet have a phone number – but our address is set. We will be sending out an email once we know our phone number – but if you would like an email address before then just drop us an email.

We love this place – feels so much like home.

3 thoughts on “Keys

  1. I’m not sure how much 25 degrees C and up in Novemeber feels like home.
    but i’m sure i’m missing the point =)

  2. Are you ready for company? Only 35 days to get the guest bed ready. See you then.
    We can hardly wait!!!!!!!!