Well, Carolina returned to town … and we returned to watch. The last game did not go so well, so our boys better pick up the pace, find a little more heart … and win those pucks.

This time we got down much closer to the action, and things were much more exciting. The game was quicker – the passes crisper – and the action was right there. It is not often that we get to sit lower level … but when it happens you just need to suck it all in. And Joe was doing just that.

The game ended 5-1 for Tampa, which leads Melissa to comment on how things are rigged. The game was almost an exact replica of the previous game – just switch the teams. The big difference, a natural hat-trick for Martin St. Louis … all goals within a 7 minute span of the second period. Wow … that was fun to watch.
And Joe’s favorite part? … yea … you guessed it!

I wanna drive the Zamboni

3 thoughts on “Rematch

  1. In 20 years Joe will be driving the Zamboni for the NHL, you just wait! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, i haven’t been to a game in a long time 🙁