Ice time

Look at these two … trying to stir up old rivalries
This past Monday night we were able to snag a couple tickets from Darren, who has a whole collection this year, and make our first game of the season. The Lightning did not play well and lost the game 5-1, but we had perfect seats to watch Mr. Cam Ward stone the Lightning bence over and over – he is actually quite good.
Anyways … it was a blast to get out and catch a game. Joe really seemed to enjoy it … especially the noise makers and crowd chants … so exciting for him. And … the next day he recognized the hockey highlights playing on TV and pointed it out to us … makes a Canadian Dad proud. Guess it is time to get those skates ordered and head to the Igloo. Every Florida child needs to learn to skate before they are two 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ice time

  1. Do I need to come down and teach him?
    because we all know you can’t skate
    Oh snap
    yea I went there!!

  2. Well yeah….good to know that you remember your canuk roots…good to see you in that red shirt Melissa!!
    Way to teach the kiddo….