So I thought today I would get a little chance to tell you all a story. And as with all good stories it revolves around a girl.

See, the other night I was strolling down the beach minding my own business

… when I came upon this beautiful lady …

See, we were both out enjoying the night sea breeze and watching the sunset. It was fate that we met. We talked about everything … it was so freeing to have someone who understood me. We inevitably spent the evening talking, playing, and enjoying this friendship.

Before we knew it the sun had set, the mood was out, and it was time to go home. Was this night just chance luck? Was it fate? Was it orchestrated by a higher power? One would never know. All we know was that we both had a great time.

So, like a gentleman, I passed along my number, politely said my good-byes, and went home. Hoping that I would get to see this princess once more.

DUH! How did that get it there. It isn’t me … gah! Dad!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Cute story! Mrs. Conn always said you had journalistic talents. If only she knew about your blog.

  2. The Ringling Estate is an excellent way to spend an afternoon as tourist. Melissa, Joe and Alicia humoured me when we were there…I just had to compare that historic site with Hatley Park of course. I sat in the very chair that Joe is sitting in on the terrace! Way to go Joe.
    Great pics that brought back great memories.
    Joe is not yet 2 and he had been to the Ringling Estate twice!!!
    Hugs to all,
    Grandma Bev (mom)