Oh the places we will go

The pegs are falling into place. Papers have been signed … loan applications are being filed … now we wait to see if the money train comes in 🙂 Very exciting.

Even though we don’t yet have the keys, Joe is already interested in showing his little brother or sister around … yes … you read that correctly. T-8 months now … still early … still unknown. But life could not be brighter at this time.

9 thoughts on “Oh the places we will go

  1. Just wait, that first ultrasound is going to reveal twins.
    How bright will life be then. 😉

  2. Did you find the right house? I am seing Joe is leading the search…be careful 😉
    Once again Melissa congratulations! Twins…what interesting idea…don´t you think Cam?

  3. Hahah…. this is what I call a blog post on steroids… didn’t even bother splitting it up! Congratulations on both fronts 🙂

  4. Congratulaions to you all on both counts!! A new home & a new wee one…now that’s exciting!! We will be anxiously awaiting more news…

  5. Holy cow you two, Dave and I go away for ONE week, just ONE week, and things just go side ways…North Korea, scandal in the white house, winter arrives, you buy a house, AND you two are expecting again. Well,…CONGRATULATIONS. Life does go on, and I guess Joe needs a play mate, huh?
    Melissa, how are YOU doing? Any morning sickness etc? Hope the entire time is blissfull, and you feel wonderful. Way to go guys!
    Dave and Brenda