Cheese Country

Turns out my brother is not the only one to take trips around the country. And while I have not made it to Washington D.C. … I have now made it to Wisconsin. The air is crisp and has that nice, sweet, refreshing smell to the air. The trees are changing colours, so it looks incredible flying in.
And while I am not going to get a chance to see the area, it does feel nice to get the northern air back in the nostrils. I should be back home for Friday … man … am I going to have things to catch up on. Oh well, while in Wisconsin … eat cheese!!!

3 thoughts on “Cheese Country

  1. Cam:
    What in the world were you doing in Wisconsin?
    And why oh why would a person want to eat cheese in said place?!!
    Cam, maybe you need to come home to the Great Canadian North to straighten out some “issues”?
    Have a great weekend – we’ll be thinking about you all – lots of love to you too Melissa, and Joe, of course.