Last week brought Patricia’s stay with us to a close. At least it made for a good reason for a party. We started the weekend with a co-worker and friends gathering at a local pub … after that it was off to the dance club (thanks Christopher and Shannon for taking Joe) … Friday Patricia cleaned out the last of her things. Then, by Saturday morning we had enough time for a First Watch breakfast before heading to the airport.
This past year was a lot of fun. We are going to miss you a lot, but – and I am talking to you Patricia – you have to keep your blog running so we can continue to keep an eye on you 🙂 Keep in touch … we will come visit as soon as we can.

One thought on “Bye-Bye

  1. Thanks Bahan´s!
    You are my family now and that even the distance can´t change! I love you and I will never be able to thank you enought for all you did for me.
    I am waiting for you here..home is realy, dinner is ready, and of course Cam we have beer as well, just come… 😉