Reunion Fun

“Oh … I missed you sooooo much!”
Well, it had been a while but Joe and Melissa got back to Orlando for some quality time with Jae, Cynthia, and of course Jordan. Apparently, the two kids had a great time playing together all by themselves. A great plus since Melissa got some time to visit and relax herself. While the original plan was to visit Disney … time, stress, and ‘the bug’ kept them home. So they ended up coming home a little earlier than planned. Good news … on returning home Patricia managed to sell her car – which took a lot of the stress away. But it was a fun and the kids had a good time, which is really the main thing.

Choo-choo … the train is coming through
Of course I did not get a chance to go since I had the ride-along with the Sarasota Fire and Ambulance Department. It was fun and educational … though it was a slow night. Maybe I will be able to get out again at some point. I have to thank the county for giving me to opportunity, it was incredible.

We just wanted one movie Joe?

Guess he had other plans 🙂
Now, when Joe got home he was in such a playful mood. Wanted to play a little hide-and-go seek, and maybe do a little shopping. All these games we can play, and things we can do. You just want to pack the excitement all up so you can take it anywhere.

Its pack and play Joe

Bedtime comes quickly though – remember to brush your teeth

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  1. Hey:
    Can pack and play Joe head north for some play time with the cuzes? Does Thanksgiving sound O.K.? Nice thought, eh?…