Left behind

Over the last few days Joe has really been under the weather. He seems to have caught the bug Melissa had a week or so ago. His throat is sore, he is running a fever, and thus having a tough time sleeping and eating. But, like the trooper he is … he pushes right through it. Little something for the fever and juice for his throat … and he is good to go…
… right to Orlando and a trip to Disney. He, Melissa, and Patricia headed that way this morning on her last weekend in town. I, however, must stick behind … getting a ride-along with the Sarasota Fire Dept. I am pretty excited, should be a educational evening. I got to sleep in and right now, I am headed to a new Thai restaurant opening in town here – same owner as our favorite “Pad Thai”. The pain of staying behind … oh the pain! 🙂

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