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Pixar – Disney, another well done feature
An interesting thing has happened over the last couple months, Joe has started to get more interested in the TV … well, movies. Several weeks ago I through on Toy Story too see what he would do – loved it. Sat and watched a good portion of it before getting up. Then he requested it the other day with Melissa … hmmm, starting to like the Pixar animations eh? The older Disney videos don’t seem to capture his attention the same way … the music isn’t as modern and the colors aren’t as bright. Even the dogs in The Lady and the Tramp did not clam him. But he loved Toy Story …
So, this last saturday we decided to give the theaters a shot. Joe has already been to both Star Wars III and Serenity, why not give him a chance at the $1 seats with Cars. Mistake.
Well, not completely … he did enjoy most of the movie – especially the first 20 minutes. But, he just cannot sit still that long anymore. He needs to get up and move – then come back. So, a little oatmeal got in Melissa’s hair by the end of the film … but for a kid not a year and a half yet – he did quite well. However, we won’t be back with child for another year – at least.
As for the film … we enjoyed it. The story was basic, simple, but the characters were funny. They really showed the personalities, if not stereotypes, of their representations well. Geared more towards the younger generation, it lacked a little of the adult content … but still a great feature. And the animation … wow. The shine, the polish!
After the movie Joe spotted McQueen in Sam’s Club, so maybe he even made a connection. Non-the-less, November 7th will find the DVD on our shelf … well, probably Joe’s shelf.

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