It was crap

This was what we wanted, a computer armoire to replace our desk. The desk was slowing falling apart, did not fit our current household stylings, and generally just provided a large table to store piles of papers, pictures, books, and such. So, we were looking to move to something that can “close the lid” on the mess – well, really, just something that provided better organization.
So we search around – turns out it was hard to find things that fit our ‘requirements’. The armoires were are best bet, and Office Depot had one of for $250 (less with a sale). So we ordered, and tossed the old desk out the door. But what we got was horrid … cheap materials, shotty craftsmanship, and crappy product. Scratches, bangs, misalignments … it was a mess.

So, after a hassle of ordering (apparently their online system does not like our cards) it was time for a replacement. Well, the delivery dude did not want to hike the stairs so … he reported we were not home. Well, that there goes Melissa’s day … no notice just a no show. So … please just take the old one we will do without. The box sat on our floor almost a week before they came by again.
So … we are off looking again, but when we come across something it needs to be shipped from LA or is out of stock. Think we might want to hold off a little and “wait and see” — nothing should be this difficult. Hey, maybe Dad wants to throw something together … what do you think? Are you bored?
Anyways … even with all the hassles … Joe keeps us smiling

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