Swimming class

Joe has come a long way – he floats like a superstar
Saturday morning was my lucky day. A missed swim class ensures one class gets to be shared with Dad, and I couldn’t have been more excited.


He even got a chance to try a few breast strokes

Can we do that again?

7 thoughts on “Swimming class

  1. What a trooper, I mean spending a day with you is tough enough, but swimming too.
    I applaud you Joe! 😉
    he’s going to be quite the fish =p

  2. It’s a good thing Joey takes after his grandpa…. good looks, smarts, and a whole lot of other things…..

  3. Joseph – you are precious beyond belief!
    Grandma loves your beautiful face and my computer screen has BIG kisses all over it!
    Hugs too,
    Grandma (from Victoria)