So … we thought we moved to the land of strong wind and quiet earth. However, this morning the house did the wiggly … a 6.0 wiggly – well, it was a bit off the coast, but we felt it. While rare, quakes in the area have been reported before. But lets just hope the mid-plate shifties keep calm.
Wacky world we live in.

4 thoughts on “Shakers

  1. Hey yous twos:
    Glad no pictures fell off the wall or anything (did they??) and Cam, just how wiggly can things get during a 6.0 not far away from you??
    When ever I heard about it, I wondered if you two would be able to feel it – yikes – musta been kinda weird?
    Glad you’re all o.k.

  2. Well … it was not the worst I have been in. Actually, this was like a train going by without the noise. Nothing big … just not really … “expected”. The worst part was that it woke my sick wife with the assumptions I was trying to annoy her.
    Actually, we found it all kinda funny … we did not even put it all together until we saw it on the news and were able to connect the dots.

  3. Yikes! I just want to put my arms around all 3 of you and make the shaking stop…..I remember the big thunder crack when Alicia and I were visiting, Melissa screamed and Joe cried…I think we all ran and hid…….and then we laughed when we knew we were all safe..hope you are laughing….
    love, mom