Happy smiling people everywhere

Girls of Miami
Now that I have a few more minutes I thought I would share some of the photos Krishen took over our last weekend.

Making friends out on the streets

The clip above was captured as Joe made some friends while we were outside awaiting Patricia and Melissa. Joe came across this little puppy (ok, not so much a puppy) being pulled along on a cart … well, taking a dog for a walk is fun normally – now one on a cart … WOW!!. Turns out that she has cancer so this cart was built by a friend so the owner (seen in the clip) could take her on longer walks from the house. Joe was more than happy to help him along.
Don’t forget to check out both Krishen’s and Patricia’s postings on the trip as well, and of course these wonderful shots.

This way guys … the water is this way

One must find time to relax during the day – Joe shows me how

Joe gone wild – swimming in y’re undies

Our little devil – I always suspected something was up

Patricia was determined to see a flamingo

Thanks for the pictures Krishen

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