Southward Bound

The sun says goodnight
This weekend we thought a road-trip was due – so we booked a campsite, packed the bags, and turned the car south. It was dark by the time we reached the outskirts of Miami, but the campsite was well lit – a good thing with the first setup of my birthday gift. The 3-bedroom pack-away house actually went up with remarkable ease … those swiss really know what they are doing.

After we were setup it was time to move in

Then Joe wanted to show us around
Saturday we headed down to South Beach to see some of the sites Miami had to offer. We may have missed waffles for Melissa’s birthday breakfast … but we stopped off at another restaurant for lunch that I think made up for things.

Any restaurant name “Chocolate” needs to be explored

Of course cake was a staple on their menu
The whole South Beach area was quite nice, with the “Spanish Historic Village” a wonderful walk through artist galleries and quant shops. Then, after enjoying a step in the Atlantic ocean, a little shopping, and a coffee on the boardwalk it was time to head back to the campsite for a dip in the pool and hot-dogs and marshmallows cooked over an open fire. All-in-all, it was a great road trip and camping excursion – I will post more pictures later, Krishen was the shutter bug of the trip and has a number that I really would like to share.

I know they grow up fast … but this is crazy

2 thoughts on “Southward Bound

  1. Grandpa got quite a kick out of Joe trying to drive the car. He and Grandma were here for dinner last night. Your tent looks huge- a gift from Melissa? Enjoy it for the next 10 years. After age 40 the comfort of a camper is much more appealing. Especially if one is coerced into camping almost every weekend from March to November, in the mountains of BC Canada!!!!

  2. Oh come on mom, camping at 17 mile would have been so much more fun with tents. Oh rock picking memories!
    Nice pics guys =)