Photo from: Louis
So last night was an adventure in home-grown fun. Joe, Melissa and I took to playing a little hide-and-seek around our little apartment. Man, was it a exciting. At first I went and hid behind a toy bag hanging from the roof in Joe’s room. Joe came in, looked around, went out and looked in the living room … then back to his room … at which time I could not hold back my chuckles. And boy was he excited to find me hiding in the shadows.
Then it was their turn. Melissa and Joe went and hid behind the rocking chair and eluded my searches behind doors, in cupboards, and under beds. Finally, to Joe’s delight, I spotted him and Melissa crouching against the wall.
This went on for quite sometime … with non-stop thrills of the hunt and continuous laugher that I am sure reached down the street. It was great to interact with Joe at a such a level – to actually see the understanding of what was going on … if not the ability to hold in the laughter – which I am sure he gets from his Dad.
I am still smiling – guess I had a ton of fun too 🙂

One thought on “Hide-and-Seek

  1. Soooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!
    BUT…. not as cuuuuute as Nate was ….
    I think I need some grand kidssssss,