1 … 2 … … 29

Well, it is that time of year where you get to sit back and reflect on the year past. And a mighty fine year it has been. Work continues to stress, but I am seeing growth which is a good thing. Joe is continuing to grow – in both mind and body. As the waitress said last night … “wow, he is solid … and such a cutie”. Makes a dad proud to know he has a son that is so happy and healthy – mom must be doing a good job. And hey … I have a wife that wanted me to take a break off work this morning and enjoy coffee and french toast with her and Joe. Even though I could not do it … the thought makes me smile. (I will have to talk to those managers who schedule meetings on the mornings of my day … I mean … heck … its suppose to be all about me here!!!!)
So, there it is … I am the big 2-9. It is a good age, the perfect combination of respect, wisdom and youth. So, I have decided I won’t be getting any older … sorry guys.
Update: I should note, management came through … I am sitting back this afternoon enjoying a beer and hangin’ with Joe. Thanks! So now to prepin’ for the pool party tomorrow. 🙂
And thanks to all for your wonderful wishes!

5 thoughts on “1 … 2 … … 29

  1. So….a birthday bump (or two) is in order….well, “almost-old-guy-” have a good one!! Life does go on, and yes it does get better, believe it or not!!
    Have a fantastic day Cam!!
    xoxo Dave and Brenda

  2. HI Cam -are you still awake?
    Hope you had a great day and will have a great year! I can tell you that there is life…even after 30!
    Love mom (bev)