Sugar Daddy Strikes Again!

Mom … look what I found in the mail
So … it is done … the iMac now sits on the floor awaiting its new role as kids toy and a new, gleeming white, MacBook stands in its place. Melissa has been awaiting this delivery for some weeks now … as I have been pouring over cost verse desire verse features verse power … but the release of the MacBook really fits the bill.
Packing a 2GHz Intel Core Duo and an 80 GB harddrive this machine should do what we need … I left the RAM at the base configuration and plan to update that shortly (thus only 512 MB … however beats the 196 MB we had in the iMac). Comes with built-in wireless, bluetooth, and iSight which fills out our basic needs arond the house. Also supports dual monitor display if the 13″ display feels too small.
But one of the main reasons for going this route instead of an older used iMac for half the price — spring ’07 looks to bring some nice features and I wanted to make sure we have a system that had the horses … not to mention the bundled software of today. Melissa should be busy over the next few days getting to know her new friend.
Couple things to note, the audio card is much quieter and the speakers just don’t pump out much volume — will have to double check this next time I am in the Apple Store. Plus, we are going to have to find a small stand or heat absorbent pad, sitting on the small glass stand we have on the bar seems to be causing the fans to run full tilt.

Oh … I just love new toys
Yet the new machine sure caused some excitement in the house. Once the packaging was peeled and user accounts created it was time to some fun … before the rest of the night was killed moving data. I really need to start getting to bed earlier.

6 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy Strikes Again!

  1. Oh those pictures are great 🙂 Hee. So the iMac is becoming a kids toy…. are you donating it?
    Boy those Mac Pros sure look sweet… we’ll see if I can hold out till the rev B’s 🙂
    Congrats on the new machine!

  2. LOL ..The bottom left picture of Mellisa really screams Alisha.
    Looks like your haveing quite the time!!
    luv KaRi

  3. Looks like the aliens have really invaded. Sure wish I could come and meet them. Joe sure is lucky. He’ll get all the cast off computers as mom and dad upgrade. That will be ok for a few years until his needs are equivalent to those of his parents! Joe sure looks like computers intrigue him as much as they captivate his daddy.

  4. Tee hee. I love the pictures :). I also got a MacBook a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it. I hope yours brings you plenty of happiness…