Cuttin the gums

Joe breaks down the Friday night Jam session
So, if I were artistic I could probably put together a blues tune on the pain Joe is currently describing to us. Yesterday he really started feeling a little below the weather … hardly ate at dinner – except for the fries which were apparently much better than mom’s pasta. By the time we got home he was fussy and looking for cuddles … guess tooth number 11 (or could it be 12 … I am losing count) is not playing nice.
A little Tylenol and bedtime … a few hours later it was back to the horrifying screams of pain soothed only by the computer. Oh child of mine. Then it was back to bed … again. Only to have my alarm go off at 6:30 … no that is not my alarm … it is only 3? Joe … man! The pain was back and he was letting us know, and this time it came with a fever of 101-102 … ick! So we got some cold cloths, cold water to drink, and another hit of the good stuff – then just tried to calm him down. It was about 30+ minutes before we were back in bed with the fever on its way down. Poor little guy.
I hope today treats you better.

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