Five year break

So, we rolled out of town here on Thursday for a short break – just the three of us. Jae and Cynthia offered to hooked us up at this great resort in Orlando, and we took full advantage.

Joe tests some rocking chairs outside the Cracker Barrel
Friday night Melissa and I were able to slip out for the evening – to Pleasure Island to be exact – and with Joe on his first sleep-over at Jordan’s we were able to bust loose. So … first up was the improv comedy club. We are seated next to a phone on the wall (great) – there are several spread around the room and they use it to introduce a member of the audience … and themselves. Wouldn’t you know it … ours was the one that rang … so after about 5 minutes of Q&A in the spotlight (work, family, interests, etc) they came out and sang a tune all about Melissa and I. It was a lot of fun …
Then it was off to the dance clubs … and just like visiting the house of the three bears we had a hard time finding anything “just right”. The 70’s/80’s club was too old (though fun for a bit), the hip-hop clubs was hard to catch the “groove”, Melissa is not into the techno (though the rotating dance floor and reflecting living-statues were cool), the Irish pub was too “american”, and one club we enjoyed the music but was packed with 15 year olds … that was a brutal experience … are we really that out of touch???
So, after enjoying a night of club-hopping we caught a cab and headed home — asleep before our heads hit the pillow … man … didn’t even get pictures. Anyone up for taking Joe more often so we can get back into shape???

At least we know how to play in the pool …

The next day we met up with Jae and Cynthia for Dim Sum, a stroll in Downtown Disney, and a short visit to our complexes “Saturday Night Karaote” … Jae is quite the entertainer 😉

By Sunday, we were done … so we just packed up and headed home. Tired of vacationing we stopped by Walmart, grabbed a couple flicks, made some nachos and killed the evening … so this is what five years of marriage does to people. Guess we failed you Krishen … we did turn into that old married couple family.

Joe checks out the tunes at Virgin Records (Downtown Disney)

Joe and Jordan share that “moment” that will haunt them the rest of their lives

And they still remained friends

3 thoughts on “Five year break

  1. Congratulations on five years!
    Sounds like you needed a vacation from your vacation 🙂 And let’s be honest here, I said don’t turn into that old married couple that stops hanging out… looks like you did plenty of hanging out to me 🙂

  2. Mmmm Cracker Barrel…
    By the looks of it Joe is turning into quite the swimmer, can’t wait to see him in Dive gear. One day he’ll end up teaching me 😉

  3. Hey: Looks like you ALL had a great time…congrats’ on the five year mark. I wish you many, many more!!
    Great pictures of the family…keep on havin’ fun. Your inner child(ren) seems healthy and happy…
    Blessings, Brenda