Discovery sits on the pad preparing for the 2005 launch
So, this Canada day we thought we would take a trip … get out of dodge … see the world – and things leaving it. So the three of us pilled into the car at 10AM and headed east. We stopped for lunch on the space coast at this little diner tucked off on the side of the road and waited … and ate. As the clock ticked down we made our move to the beach – but the launch was called off due to weather. Anvil clouds were reported within 20 miles of the launch site … disappointing … but maybe we will try again on August 30th for Atlantis. Discovery was rescheduled for the next day – but has been delayed once again to the 4th, unfortunately we could not stick around.
Let it get us down? … I think not. We are at the ocean … at our favorite beach … so play in the waves we did. After enjoying the sand, sun, and bath-tub seas – and a stop at the Cocoa Beach Surf Co. – we started the long trek home. Our ride home was almost un-eventfull, a bobcat was probably a wee-bit scared at one point, but we took it slow and safe.
All told it was an exciting day … one we truly enjoyed … but it finally came to an end. Still no solid plans for the 4th … right now we are just enjoying some time off.

Joe was found pushing Tiffany around on her little popcorn truck

One thought on “No-go

  1. Hi Kids:
    Joe and daddy look like they are having lots of fun with the laundry basket!
    The puzzle looks great! It does just kind of pick at you until you finish it…
    We had such great fun with you…just hanging out and swimming and singing songs…and kayaking for aligators!
    thanks for the mention of hatley castle Cam…..our web site is actually, the one you have linked to is a neighboring B&B riding on our laurels, with grandfather rights on the .com site.
    Sounds like Xmen 4 is coming!
    Say hi to Christian and Patricia for me.
    love mom,