Orlando to home: 128 mi (about 2 hours 19 mins) — note that the trip is likely less since we are not going to be downtown Orlando
We are in Orlando for our anniversary … a great relaxing 3-day vacation planned … after 5 years we deserve it. We are in Orlando 6-9th … and Melissa has promised Jae and Cynthia to babysit on the 10th, but I must get home for work so can’t stay myself. So … how do I get home?
Option #1: Greyhound it home @ $35. Leaving at 5:30pm it would be a 5 hr trip … a long ride where I can read, sleep, work, or pick my nose … and relax. However, it would require Melissa to get dinner that night – probably out for a nicer dinner w/ Cynthia and family. Not to mention the 5 hr trip will be made possible by plenty of Junk food … raising the cost of the trip at least $20.
Option #2: Melissa brings me home and heads up again the next day. Likely costing under a single tank of gas, likely sub-$35 dollars of gas. There is wear and tear – but that is almost negated since it is not “that far” and not a regular trip. Trip home: less than 2 hrs … trip back: less than 2 hrs — entire trip is less than the one-way bus trip. We would eat at home so food costs of sub-$10 for all three of us … and hey … it is more time with us.
Now, this is our debate … which option should we take? The discussion goes beyond simple cost and convenience – but does not exclude them. Traffic and pollution are also a factor … but how much so?
I will say, if the cost of the bus fare was $20 instead of $35 – this would likely be a no-brainer. As it stands right now there is little in financial savings for taking the bus (unless this is a regular one-person trip) … and a whole lot of convenience costs. Until the balance starts to shift towards the opposite position you won’t see a change in public opinion – doesn’t matter how many movies are put out.
What would you choose?

4 thoughts on “Options

  1. A third option would be more appropriate….
    Take your bike and ride it back…. it’s cheaper, more time can be spent on site seeing, would only take a good rider about 3 to 4 hours, great exercise, environmentally very friendly. and something you could brag about afterward.
    my 2 cents worth….

  2. I’m with your Dad on that one. It would be a great bike ride. However, if biking is out of the question, I’d go with the Bus and let Melissa stay behind