Bert’s going bye-bye

Seems while I was away this weekend there was a shake-up in the Canucks camp. Seems that Bertuzzi was swapped for Luongo in a trade that involved three players (Bertuzzi, Auld, and Allen) from Vancouver and two (Luongo and Krajicek) from Florida.
This was coming … Todd was not expected to be sticking around – this last couple years was rough – but it is sad to see him go. I found him a powerhouse … and extremely exciting player to watch, and I think that once he gets his game on and shakes the shadows of the past he will be unstoppable. Though, in many ways I feel that he really needs a new start before he can truly be rejuvenated. What really make me sad is to see Auld go … and Allen was always strong on the blue line. Two young players with a bright future.
In return we get a another starting goalie and a defense-man, a unproven replacement for Allen. Now, Roberto is a great goalie – one of the best in the league – but do you really think Dan is going to sit on the bench as a backup??   So, I expect another trade coming up … using some of the Cloutier value to trade for a front-liner? Keeping a deep net is important, so we will likely need a decent proven backup … Grahame (TBL) ?
We will just have to wait and see … and in the mean time spend more weekends relaxing with Jae, Cynthia and Jordan in Orlando. We just got back from an incredible weekend of letting the kids destroy the house, hitting balls at the driving range, shopping, and enjoying the numerous eating establishments in the area. It was really fun to see the two kids bond and play – they pester, annoy, and share. They have no problem keeping themselves entertained for hours … and getting themselves in double the trouble if your not closely watching.

2 thoughts on “Bert’s going bye-bye

  1. It was so funny. Totally a fake cry, but looks good eh! He has been trying to stand up in the tub, of course slipping everywhere. In a slightly stern voice I said “sit on your bum”. From then on every time Cam or I looked at him and this is the face we got.