Hell on Earth

Go see the movie – it will effect you
Krishen and I headed out this evening to view a documentary on global warming featuring Al Gore. I was not sure what to expect though I do remember reading an older blog posting about a speech by Mr. Gore regarding this issue with very positive reviews.
Wow … very powerful!
It was a presentation of his speech reworked for the “big screen”. A speech that details out the current conditions we live in … a wake up call for our lethargic state of mind … a clear and detailed depiction of the consequences of what has occurred … with a forecast of the future. He breaks down the technical jargon with graphics and images so that it can be easily understood – and it is not a pretty picture.
There is no debate on a global warming problem, the situation is clearly defined – in numbers – we know where things stand. While climate cycles (CO2 levels and temperatures) occur – they do – the Carbon Dioxide levels are now well beyond anything that has been observed on this earth in the past 650,000+ years – and climate change is unavoidable. Expect the temperatures to rise … expect the storms, droughts, and weather to change … expect more disease, famine, and death. Heed the warnings for those who are studying this – for many of their predications have come to pass.
If we take action – drive less, reduce-recycle-reuse, use clean(er) energy resources, and adopt a new lifestyle around new emerging technologies … we might be able to curb this spiking trend. At the very least be sure who you are listening too. There are lots shadows of doubt being laid out – global warming is here
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