Down by the Bayfront

So, it is saturday again … and after the Portugal – Iran game this morning Joe and I left Melissa in peace (she must study … oh how tables turn!) So after lunch at McD’s – and a Car’s Happy Meal – we headed for downtown … and after a little bump and grind at a stop light we got there.
Don’t worry … everyone is fine – including the car … but still quite annoying. First … I stopped for a yellow light, even looked in the mirror and the truck was THREE car lengths back. People here expect to run the reds … they EXPECT IT!!!! Then … he did not even pull over with me to ensure that everything was alright. Just happy it was more Bang! than Crash! so to speak.
… but I digress …

Joe and I were headed to the bay to enjoy some splishing and splashing at the park. There were tons of other kids to play with … one girl even shared her water bottle so Joe could play with the girl’s little sister.

Every good day at the park should be memorable – and I am sure that Joe is going to remember this one (ouch!) He took it in stride … and after a short time to allow Dad to stop the bleeding he was back running and jumping in the water streams … and by the time we left he was done (sleepy times) … though he waited until after the USA – Italy match to finally hit the sack … guess just preping for the game tonight.

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