Spa power

and so it begins…
So, Friday Melissa got her turn at the spa … a several hour experience of manicures, pedicures, facials, and those swedes going to town on her muscles – oh … and a hair cut that is just perfection on her. By the time the work was complete she was almost unable to move – the muscles were just too relaxed to support her … though the hair cut perked her up enough for the drive home. Afterwards, she mentioned something about a ‘hot rock massage’ – she said it was odd at first but extremely relaxing as time went on. So … guess the mother’s day gift turned out quite well – she was at least pretty happy with the experience 🙂
Yet … that got her in the mood … we have been talking about changing up my hair a bit … and I think this just sparked an interest. She brought home the kits and new clippers and went to town. Must say, was a might bit concerned when plastic bags were being placed over my head – but all turned out well. So, in the end she got treated like a queen and I got trimmed and coloured … all to start off the new week.
… oh yea … caught a couple games of the World Cup on TV. Several games have been on our basic cable offerings – in english – but today’s game between Portugal and Angola we had to watch on the Spanish channel. Good thing that kicking the ball around a field is kind of a universal language unto its own eh!
So combine that with the Stanley Cup Finals and Joe and I have our seats reserved for many nights to come.

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