Mommies Little Man

So … Joe is coming up on 13 months … incredible how time flies. He has managed to grow over 1/2 an inch in the last week, and about 2-3 inches in the last couple months … scary for those of us buying the cloths!!!!
He continues in his quest for potty training – two steps forward and one step back – he knows when he has to go. And he knows where he is “suppose” to go … just sometimes doesn’t want to wait that long and the window works just fine! But he is starting to let us know … at times 🙂
The biggest news, over the last couple weeks he has started saying “mommy” … which has been a big thrill and a long time coming for some. It is also great as he has definitely associated the names with the people – so Melissa and I can pass notes through Joe … DoJ: Data over Joseph … most times anyway. The little jokester will sometimes fake passing it to you before pulling it back and running away. Litt’l brat … but just too much fun to not laugh and have fun with.
Joe also seems to really enjoy the public eye … digs rock music and will dance to the beat even if it is his own – which is just great to watch – he has even started “grooving” to the tunes with the head bob and all. He really has a knack for putting smiles of peoples faces and putting life in the party. Now … if only he would learn to stop getting fat lips … mom hates that!
So, that is the latest in updates from our Mr. Attention Shmoozz. Later alligator 🙂

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