Taming the beast

Thanks to Christopher for remembering his camera
Last night, Melissa and Joe spent the evening touring the mall with Christopher, Shannon, and Tiffany … lucky me got to stay at home to … play. While at the mall, a stop in the vacuum sales area became an adventure all unto its own. First, we all know how much Joe likes those torturous and noisy machines – and now it seemed his nightmares had come true … an entire army of the beasts. But Joe, not ready to succumb to fear, took on the monsters – capturing and taming one of the smaller beasts.
Once tamed … Joe figured he could learn to help mommy around the house. Ahh … learning about chores already … what a perfect child.

One thought on “Taming the beast

  1. Hi Gang,
    Here with your brother Kurtis, he’s in Las Vegas
    for a visit then heading to San Diego this morning.
    Hope everything is well. Joey is adorable!
    Love Tea