Just sit back and relax

So … it was delivery day. Our newest household comforts arrived today from American Signature Furniture: sofa and chair, chest, and a bed. Slash another couple items off our “wish list” … almost there … just some more bedroom items (like a dresser) and we will be set. Anyways, here it is … it just feels so comfortable … we are really happy.
Living room:


One thing … the big warehouse sales room did not seem to correctly represent the size of the furniture – cause WOW … they are huge. The place seems a whole lot more cozy and intimate … not necessarily bad … but it really shows in our smaller apartment. Also, they are quite heavy … which makes any moves in the future a little more expensive (especially longer hauls).

2 thoughts on “Just sit back and relax

  1. Sure looks nice. We’ll have to come and try it out sometime. I’ll go and try to find some fabric on Saturday if I can to finish off that toy chest.

  2. Looks great! About moving; if we can get Krishen’s sleeper sofa moved (my back still aches when I hear that word) then we can do your stuff too.