Milestone weekend

The army is back to reclaim their stuff
It has been over three years since we moved down here and this July marks anniversary #5 (kinda like the Mambo #5 – with a slightly different beat). We managed to ditch most of my old “university furniture” when we made the move down to Florida … but the move took a lot out of us. So cardboard boxes and table cloths formed our shelves, couches, and tables – and all was good. After a few months we upgraded to a steal we found at the Salvation Army – a hide-a-bed and love seat for just a couple hundred. A great deal … a couple slip covers and they did the job nicely.

Joe gets a larger playroom for a couple days
However, over the last couple years Melissa and I have managed to pinch our pennies and save up a little for a couple “growth” items. We want to redo the living room and bedroom … taking us out of the days of skimping by and into something we are going to have for a couple years. So, we have ordered in a new sofa and oversized chair for our living room, a wooden chest for Joe’s toys, and a bed frame with headboard and footboard – all of which arrive on Thursday. Our place is shaping into a home.
Now, we just need a new T.V. and the living room will be complete! Though, somehow I think Joe and I are going to have to wait for Melissa’s “bedroom set” – maybe next spring!

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