Settling in

Joe stops to check on what his cousin is scheming
Once things settled from the birthdays Joe seemed to pick up a flu bug … nasty stuff that is. He is also cutting another two teeth and just got another set of shots – all while trying to get over jet lag. But things are starting to calm down. He is getting back on schedule … but it must be so hard.
He has picked up one new habit … taste testing. Now, we know he has been sticking basically anything he finds in his mouth (and we do mean anything – to his horror at times) … but he has started to decide he is picky about his food. Melissa tells of him taking a bite … chewing a bit … thinking about it … then opening for another bite – or refusing any more. Hmmmm!
He has also started throwing temper tantrums – a new skill learned from his older cousins I am sure. Listen here Joe … your not allowed to start that behaviour until your at least 2! The best part is when you just break out laughing at him … he stops and looks at you like your “right screwed up” – even laughing himself at times. We think most of the new found fussy behaviour is a product of the schedule, shots, flu, and incoming teeth … we expect him to be right back to normal again soon.
Then again … he is 1 (errrrr, 12 months – sorry dear)!

One thought on “Settling in

  1. I can’t believe that Joe is 1 already and….walking! Good job Joe!! Keep your parents running, just send them running back to Victoria.