Today marks a big day for Mr Joseph Lorne Bahan.
A review of the first days of his wonder life span.
His first breath, his first smile.
His first tug, his first mile.
His first taste, his first drink.
His first diaper, his first stink.
His first outing, his first nap.
His first game, his first cap.
His first tooth, his first hair.
His first apple, his first pear.
A first fight, a first cry.
A first tear, a first french fry.
A first flight, a first hike.
A first fall, a first piggy-back-ride.
First rain, First sun.
First snow, First fun.
His first step, his first stroll.
His first run, he is hard to control.
His first visit, his first guest.
His first clap, his first cheer.
How big is Joseph?
Still rings in my ear.
His first hockey game.
His first soccer kick.
His first toy. His first stick.
His first hug, his first kiss.
His first “Daddy”, I did not miss.
And the first is not the last, this is not where we will stay.
For today, this, his very First Birthday.
Happy Birthday Joe!
Love Mom and Dad.

6 thoughts on “First

  1. Happy Birthday Joe!!
    Someone’s been feeding you alot of cake 😉
    ~Uncle Kurt

  2. Is the poem an original? Hope all these birthday parties were fun. The pics sure make one think they were.
    Love Grandma Pat

  3. “First”, which I suppose is the title, is an original. I spent a while trying to find a means to capture all the moments that have thrilled us so in the last year – a poem seemed appropriate. (Just wish I was a poet!)
    The parties were a blast … but … you can’t really go wrong with cake and kids 🙂

  4. You did and excellent job on the poem!!! We were impressed! Now to just get grandpa going with this new web cam so we can be more involved in our grandson’s life even if it is via the internet.
    Love grandma Pat