Party! Party! Party!

Family comes first – cake enjoyment from our visit home
So, after joining Tiffany for her birthday party yesterday, Jordan and Joe hosted a party of their own at Jordan’s old house (movers come tomorrow). We enjoyed home made burgers, BBQ’d chicken, and gourmet sausages … all cooked to perfection. Followed, of course, by cake.

Joe and Jordan enjoy their own slices

Not a crumb was wasted
Once cake was eaten … it was time to open the wrapped treasures that scattered the room. Turns out that Joe was not all that interested in “opening” the presents … but once opened that was another story. He seems to be quite content to leave the paper on the boxes … no desire to rip and tear … not that that is a bad thing. Either way … mom and dad did their best to help out. Thanks to everyone. The toys will drive us nuts but the cloths will help us out … we just need find places for it all.

[Thanks Krishen for the photos today – Absent minded Dad brought the camera with no memory card and a low battery – gah!]

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