The Neverending Day

Any final packing required
You could almost count all of yesterday part of today – we started on only 3hrs (or less) of sleep after we finished packing and cleaning. Then, when we arrived at the airport we were told that we did not have Joe’s ticket … JOE’S TICKET. Melissa was fine … but Joe required a paper ticket that was mailed to him – except that it wasn’t. Well, before we changed days they sent one out to the wrong address – which was returned. They called Joe yesterday to inform him that his ticket was returned and would be at the counter – it wasn’t. Then we were told that the birth cert. was not required – it was preferred. So, we had to buy ANOTHER ticket for Joe on the spot … because apparently Continental does not have systems capable of looking up a previously purchased ticket.
Well … we finally got on the plane.

Flight time logged: +6hrs — worry was apparently for not
The plane rides themselves were quite relaxed. The first flight of the day Joe ended up sleeping almost the whole flight under the seat in front of us … so we got a nap in too! The second flight he was up, smiling, and playful up until the last 30 minutes – when he found a row of empty seats and slept. I must say, the flight staff was extremely nice which made the trip really enjoyable … and our neighbours stayed happy with us too.

Great Grandma and Joe took a stroll
Now that we are here we can settle in to visiting with family. Ahhh … it is so good to be home.

Grandpa … what does this do??

4 thoughts on “The Neverending Day

  1. Nice pictures. Why didn’t you take Joe as
    carry-on it looked like he liked it in there

  2. I am glad to hear you arrived safely and quickly. So it was only 6 flying hours to Calgary? Impressive.
    What a nightmare at the Continental counter though. I hope they do something for you guys.

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