Well, this last weekend hit us hard as it drew to a close. After going to Plant City for a golf tournament and taking top prize, Josh and I figured it would be good to share the spoils with the women and took the ladies out for dinner on our gift certificates. Wait times at the door pushed us being out until close to 10:30-11:00PM … too late for the little man. And at about 2AM it hit … Melissa and Joe both caught the cold bug. That first night Melissa took Joe the first half of the night – catching a glimpse of sleep only during his short dozes … and then he and I cuddle the second half so that Melissa could actually sleep a little. Last night Joe decided to cuddle with me most of the night – waking often but nothing a little soothing can’t calm … I must say he is a little trooper. No runny nose or sore throat is going to keep him down and if we were not cleaning his nose he was running around like nothing was wrong – and today he looked back to normal … now if only Melissa can recover 🙂
I … well, I am still reeling after shooting a 64 on Saturday. That is 8 under par … and that just rocks my world. True, it was a best ball tournament which meant each shot was taken from where the best of our 4-person team could place it. But, we played well as a team – with no one person holding us back and no one person standing out. We all hit a could good long balls, a few fairways, and our putting just rocked. We stepped off the 18th green thinking we left at least more 5 birdies out of the course. But our one eagle shown bright on the second hardest hole of the course putting us in top place … then they modified the scoring to even out the field … taking away our worse hole (a par 5) we still came out in front shooting a modified-59 … second place was 66 with a modified 60.5 (took away a hole and a half). Sweet … and with my sweetheart buying me a pair of golf shoes I am set for some good times! If I only don’t get sick…

2 thoughts on “AHHHHhhCHHOOOoooo

  1. Congratulations on the win! Sounds like it would have been fun. Take good care of the sickies. You definitely want to be healthy in 2.5 weeks. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

  2. Forget the golfing…..YOU got up with Joe for the second half of the night so Melissa could sleep? This is totally foreign to me! Cam could you please give your brother in law a few pointers. 😉 I hope they both are feeling better. Can’t wait to see you all soon!!!