Under the sea

Queen of the North

The BC Ferry Queen of the North ran aground and sank this morning of the coast of BC. All 102 people were rescued from the choppy waters with a few sustaining minor injuries.
The 125 meter (410 ft.) vessel is apparently completely submerged about 135 km from Prince Rupert.
This is truly the unthinkable accident for BC Ferries. I suppose when you manage one of the largest ferry fleets (37 vessels and 47 ports) in the world you are bound to run into problems … but this is the second major incident in 2 years. Glad to hear that the training and preparations for these situations was successful in saving lives.
Resource links: CBC.ca and Canada.com
It now appears that a couple may now have perished in the accident. While we do hold out hope that Shirley Rossette and Gerald Foisey of 100 Mile House, B.C. made it to safety, as some passengers are reporting, authorities have yet to locate them. Our fingers remain crossed.

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