Take me out to the ball game

This past Sunday afternoon Joe and I both experienced our first ball game. Major league spring training is in town and we caught the “home team”, Cincinnati Reds, take on the visiting Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (Yes, I know that seems a little off … but this is where the Reds spend their spring days.)

As Melissa said, “Is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon”. It was very relaxing, the sun was shining, and the most excitement came from Joe getting into an ant hill. (Those little buggers) It actually was not bad, only a couple bites – but he did end up being the one and only streaker of the ball game.

The 7-1 blow-out by Tampa Bay was stemmed by a 4 run-comeback by the Reds in the bottom of the 9th. We had a couple stolen bases, at least 3 home runs, and some great catches to make for an enjoyable experience.
Oh, and the World Baseball Classic is coming up … so we will have to keep an eye out for how Canada does. They are pooled with US, the heavy favorites, but with luck they will make it into the playoffs.

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