Coffee break

Photo by Krishen
Well, for a weekend break we actually got quite a lot done. Saturday Melissa and I slept in a little – Joe played nicely in his crib, he is so patient – before we got up and puttered around. I eventually took Joseph out of the house so Melissa could actually get some work DONE! We have found that we can ‘hold steady’, but if anything happens to get the house work just slightly behind we just can’t get caught up. And Joe is just soooo distracting – in a good way – if you don’t like working! So, Joe and I joined Krishen and Patricia downtown for a coffee and enjoyed a little “out of the house” time.
Today, it was Melissa’s turn to go out – she and Patricia caught the flick Good night, and Good Luck. From their feedback I think it is a movie we are going to grab … I know it is one that I have been wanting to see. Joe and I, meanwhile, stayed behind and got some quality father-son time in … you may not get a lot done while he is around – but it sure puts a smile on your face.
And this weekend I finally got some time to play again as gears turned on the next release of the Screen Saver Menu. First I need to finish the Intel support, adjust to a new embedded sales system from eSellerate, and fix a couple extraneous bugs. I have had a dozen features I would like to add to the utility – but due to the necessity of Intel support I have broken the release into two segments … v1.1 will feature several bug fixes and go out as an Universal Binary … a v2.0 will then bring in several new features and improved system integration. So, if you have any feature requests or general input I am still all ears. One thing I did get to was improving the web store, something I have been wanting – needing – to do for some time.
House is clean, organized, minds refreshed, and projects tackled … see productive weekend.

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