Airbags deployed

Leaving the complex today I had a run-in … with a white Mitsubishi. Crash … bang … boom – airbags were deployed and I was left gathering my senses. What had happened? I was turning left out of the complex at one of the busier times of the morning. The left lane of traffic had left a gap as they were all stopped for the light a block down the road, so I was escaping through that hole. As I moved into the center turn lane – and out of traffic – wack, I was hit by an car traveling in that center lane. He hit me on my drivers side corner resulting in a shmucked bumper, twisted panels, and lights hanging from their sockets … my poor car ;(

This is the first time I have seen airbags in action – last time would be cool too

The passenger door won’t open – but this is the better side

At least I can still type
As for me, I am just fine. My arms are bruised and raw from the airbags – at least I can prove both hands were on the wheel. And the gentleman in the other car was just fine – which is a relief. Now we will learn how the insurance system in the Florida works – est. damage today $3000.

Sticks and stones may break my bones

2 thoughts on “Airbags deployed

  1. Sounds similar to Karin’s accident several years ago. Expect she was the car in the center lane. Not quite as bad as when I was rear-ended by an SUV on I-5 who wasn’t paying attention to traffic. Car was about 3 inches shorter, and had $9K+ in damages. They totaled it and I ended up having to get another car.
    FYI, in Washington, its illegal to drive more than 100 ft in the center turn lane. Might want to check on FL state law in that regards. Might find out that it was the other drivers fault, and you won’t be out the insurance deductible.

  2. My heart aches for you! I am so glad you are OK. I bet your heart is a little sick right now. Maybe you’ll use Melissa’s trick and turn right and go around the block or whatever during peak times. It looks like more than $3000. damage to me. Just deploying the air bags can mean a substantial amount. Replacing them is very expensive — at least in Canada it is. Don’t be shocked if it is over $5000. It’s good you have another car. God is so good in providing things before we need them. I’ll send you an e-mail.